Friday, August 26, 2011

Piano lessons

I am so excited that my boys have started piano lessons! We just finished our second week and Barak is doing really well. His teacher told me that he is the first student she has had in a long time who can play the notes with the correct fingers without her help. Zeke was having a horrible asthma/allergies day so he only finished about 15 minutes of his lesson this week even though he was begging to go to "piano class" all week long.

We bought a new-to-us piano last night from a friend and the boys and Ellie have been playing on it all night and day. I must admit I've been trying to play also. Hopefully my kids can teach me a thing or two soon.

Friday, August 19, 2011

"Not" Back to School Blog Hop: School Photos

I can't believe that my boys are old enough to take school pictures. It makes me happy and excited for all of the amazing things we are going to learn this year but it also makes me sad and a little anxious. My boys aren't babies anymore and it just goes by too quickly. Since we school all year I just decided to go ahead and take the "first day" pictures. We will "start" all of our new curriculum on September 6th but I wanted to get the pictures up for the blog hop.

 Here they are together with their new backpacks! They have loved having them to take to piano lessons so they could bring home their piano homework.

 Barak has been doing first grade work since April but we are getting ready to add a whole lot more to his plate. Doesn't he look like he's having a blast.

 Zeke is kind of doing a mixture of Pre-K and Kindergarten but since he just turned 4 in April I am saying he is in Pre-K.

Of course here is my beautiful Ellie. No school for her but she sure does enjoy dragging every single thing out in the school room while we learn.
It wouldn't be complete without all 3 of my awesome kiddos together. They were having so much fun at Anderson's Orchard while everyone else was in school. I love homeschooling!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Not" Back to School Blog Hop:Curriculum

Even though the curriculum part of the Heart of the Matter Blog Hop was technically 2 weeks ago I decided to go ahead and post our curriculum choices for the year. As I started sorting through the piles of books I couldn't believe how much we are going to do this year. I am so excited to really dig in and get started. We really school year round but we have only been doing math, reading and handwriting over the summer. Our first day of school is going to be Sept. 6th and I finally have everything sorted and ready to go. I think.

Barak-1st grade
Heart of Dakota-Little Hearts for His Glory -This is our main curriculum and all of our Bible/History books came with this.
  1. Devotions for the Children's Hour
  2. Family Time Bible in Pictures
  3.History for Little Pilgrims
  4.Thornton W. Burgess books
  5. History Stories for Children
  6.Thinking Skills
Reading/Phonics- Explode the Code, the Emerging Readers Set from Heart of Dakota, and we will be finishing The Reading Lesson
Spelling-All About Spelling Level 1
Math-Math Mammoth 1A/1B
Science-Apologia-Exploring Creation through Astronomy
Handwriting-Handwriting Without Tears Grade 1
Foreign Language-Prima Latina Latin
PE-Family Time Fitness, Sports Teams
Music-We are looking into starting piano lessons soon.

Bible/History- with Barak
Reading-Phonics Pathways, Explode the Code, All About Reading
Math-Horizons Math K book 1
Science-Apologia-Exploring Creation through Astronomy(Barak)
Handwriting-Handwriting Without Tears and A Reason For Handwriting K
Foreign Language-Prima Latina Latin  (Barak)
PE-Family Time Fitness, Sports Teams
Music-Piano Lessons

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

"Not" Back to School Blog Hop: School Room

Heart of the Matter Online is doing a homeschooling blog hop. I missed week 1 but this week is school rooms so I jumped in. You should definitely head over there if you get a chance.                                                                         
Our school room is currently undergoing some changes but this is how it looked a few months ago. This is where we do most of our work together. I love the Expedit shelves from IKEA and the desk attachment.

This is where we do most of our computer work.We bought the desk, shelf, clock and artwork at IKEA also. The desk is really a table top and you get to pick from tons of different leg styles. We are a bit obsessed with IKEA in case you couldn't tell.

Here is a little better view of the shelving next to the boys desk. I have tons of next year's curriculum, stickers, colored paper, coloring books and any other type of school supply you can imagine in the magazine holders and baskets.

Now this isn't technically in our schoolroom but it is our reading area. Our big bag is a 6' Ultimate Sack. Such a great investment! We use it all the time.

Since this is my first blog post and I have no idea what I am doing please leave me comments. I'm hoping to fancy the place up a bit when I get some extra time (ha ha) on my hands.