Sunday, April 1, 2012

If I can do it so can you!

Lately I've been reading so many articles on homeschooling and the reasons behind it. The more I read the more thankful I am that we homeschool our kids. When Glen and I made the decision to homeschool we weren't aware of all of the horrible, crazy things going on in public and private schools. Everyday there are more and more news stories of bullying, molesting, 1st graders being arrested and schools and government telling parents what they can send in their own kids lunches but that isn't why we homeschool. We homeschool because we believe God has called us to educate our
children at home.

Barak and Zeke doing schoolwork. No shirts required when
you homeschool.

 If God had not called me to do this I would never be able to get it done. I have no patience, I'm not a natural teacher, I'm not great at every subject and I get distracted very easily. In spite of all of my shortcomings God has worked through me to give my boys an amazing education so far. Barak is reading way above his grade level and Zeke knows where every country is located in Africa and North and South America, plus he is a math genius. None of these things are because I am doing a great job but because I pray daily that God shows me how to teach them and what to teach them. We read, play games on the Ipad, read some more, use video games and then we read again. I have so many people ask me how I do it and tell me that they never could. I promise you that through prayer you can do ALL things! I'm not saying that everyone has to homeschool but I just want to encourage those of you that feel like they don't have the skills. It's like on Ratatoullie when Gusteau says that "Anyone can cook". Anyone can homeschool and I am a prime example of that.
Barak helping to fold towels.
Zeke folding washcloths.

My kids are social, they help take care of their siblings, they are learning how to cook, clean, build things, garden and many other household tasks that they would never learn in school, and most importantly they are building a relationship with Christ daily. If we want to spend all day studying God's word and worshiping then we can and no matter what anyone else says the most important thing to me is their souls. I love homeschooling and can't imagine my day without my kids by my side. Oh and I failed to mention that we have TONS of fun every single day so that doesn't hurt either. : )

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