Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Relaxing WITH the kids????

Does anyone else ever feel like there are some weeks when you get so wrapped up in making sure the house is clean and catching up on school and the hundreds of other things you want/have to do that you forget how awesome it is to relax WITH the kids?

 Friday I was so sick and my amazing mom and husband each took part of the day off of work so one of them could be with the kids while I was trying to get better. By Saturday morning I was feeling much better but less than an hour after I woke up I threw my back out so badly that I couldn't move and then I spent most of the weekend laying down while getting nothing accomplished. Thank God for my wonderful chiropractor, Dr. Roc Byrd at Cornerstone Chiropractic for getting me up and moving again but here it is Tuesday and I'm still exhausted from the lack of sleep and the stress from not being able to help out. That's when I realized how little I stop and sit with the boys and just enjoy some time together.

While Ellie napped today we sat and read tons of our school books on the couch. We didn't do any writing or anything that required more than what we could do on the couch and we had such a great time! They talked to me and asked questions, we learned a new Bible verse and answered math questions. It was so nice to sit and relax together while learning, instead of the usual arguments about getting our work done.

When I first decided to homeschool I would never have thought that I would be willing to let the kids skip handwriting or math for a day but I am trying to stay calm so they can learn. I know that not everyday can be this way but today helped me focus on and appreciate my boys.

 They have really tried to be helpful and caring because they know I've been hurting. I just needed to say how awesome they are and hopefully I can read this the next time I'm ready to lock myself in the bathroom for the day. It may never be peaceful and quiet around here but I wouldn't change it for the world. God has blessed me with so much more than I deserve and I am so thankful!!

Barak and Ellie

Zeke and Ellie

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