Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Not Back-to-School Blog Hop: Curriculum

Somehow I completely spaced on this blog hop and so I am a week late. I do have my school room post ready though, so I will be caught up and ready for next week. Enough of my excuses and on to our curriculum choices for this year.

This is what we will be doing together:

Heart of Dakota:Beyond Little Hearts for His GloryThis is our main curriculum it includes Bible, History, Art, Reading, Literature and has some sort of schedule for pretty much everything else. We used HOD last year and we loved it and are so excited for this next level.

Math: Life of Fred-Butterflies- The boys can't get enough of this. I mean they literally beg me to read "Fred math" to them all the time. This isn't our only math but we will be doing this together along with each boy having there own separate math.

Latin: Prima Latina from Memoria Press- We will be starting Latin this year and although it really is more for Barak's age Zeke really wants to do it so we will be working on this as a group.

Music: Rod and Staff Beginning in Music- We are also planning on starting their piano lessons again.

Geography: Road Trip U.S.A by Confessions of a Homeschooler

Character: Kids of Integrity- I found this free curriculum through Pinterest (of course) and I am so so excited! We haven't tried it yet but it looks great, especially since it's FREE!

Physical Education: Family Time FItness- I received this in exchange for my review last year and we loved it and will do it all over again this year. They are also playing baseball and football and Barak will be starting Track and Field next month.

Barak-2nd grade

Literature: Memoria Press-2nd grade lit guides- We also have Drawn Into the Heart of Reading but I'm not sure if we are going to use it. We are going to try Memoria Press first and see how that works out.

Spelling: Sequential Spelling 1- I have Level 2 in the picture but I found out that Level 1 is for 2nd grade so it's on the way.

Zeke-K/1st grade
Reading/Phonics: The Reading Lesson and some easy readers

Handwriting: Abeka Writing with Phonics Cursive ( I had to buy mine on Ebay because they were sold out on the Abeka site so I didn't include a link.)

Ellie- 2 years old
I am doing Hands on Homeschooling with Ellie and so far we really like it. I will be writing a review in the next couple of weeks but so far she has really loved doing school work with her brothers.

I also just bought One Year Devotions for Preschoolers so we will be reading that together along with hundreds of other books.

Whew!! That really looks like a lot when it's typed out but as always if there is something that is too hard we will slow it down or change it up or if it isn't working throw it out all together and take a break. That is the best thing about homeschooling if something isn't working we don't have to force it and I love it. I am really excited for this year and I think we are all (including me) going to learn a lot. 


  1. Don't you love how all of the new books look together in a pile? :) I've always wanted to do Life of Fred...maybe I should just go ahead and order it! Have a good year!

    1. Jenny,
      I can't recommend Life of Fred enough. My 2nd grader hates math, I mean we have tried every curriculum out there and as soon as we started using LOF along with his other math it just clicked. It is so funny and I have learned so much from it myself. We school year round but we have taken the last 3 weeks off and they still ask to read Life of Fred all the time. I hope you have a great year!