Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Not Back to School Blog Hop- Our School Room

 This will be our third year homeschooling and our third school room. Our third room with our sixth room setup. We move furniture so much in this house my amazing husband and father should never have to lift a weight. These are the different places we have had our school room.

 1. Our upstairs living room
2. Our bedroom (we moved into Ellie's room when she was born)
3. Back out into the living room (we moved back out of Ellie's room into our bedroom)
4. Downstairs front room ( I thought it would be easier if we were next to the kitchen)
5. Back upstairs into the living room with a different desk(it wasn't easier next to the kitchen)
and finally.....................................
here is our 6th setup. 

This is the school/sewing area behind our couch and chair. Ellie had to start dragging stuff out before I could get even one picture taken. Go figure. : )

Our favorite reading spot is our huge bean bag chair from Ultimate Sack. We love this thing. I love it because it's super comfortable. The boys and Ellie love it because Daddy throws them on it from way across the room. I am not a huge fan of the throwing part in case you were wondering.

When we bought this armoire off of Craigslist we planned on bringing it home and adding some shelves but then I found these crates and decided to use them instead. Now everything is sorted and I can take one out and see everything inside without having stuff hidden in the back of a shelf. One basket has all of my supplies (printer ink, post its, scissors, hole punches, etc.), one has all of our markers, unsharpened pencils and other various coloring and writing tools, we keep math manipulatives and counters in one and the last has clay, chalk and little chalkboards. I put a few colored pens in the clear cup and different types of markers are in the white bucket (from Target in the kitchen section).  The open shelves have all of our crayons separated by color in little buckets, some of Ellie's toys are in the white basket, all of our dry erase boards and markers are on the bottom along with the boys' play money.  On the very top I have a black basket that I keep all of my teacher's manuals in (you can see it in the very first picture).

This is our Expedit shelves and desk from Ikea. In the 2x2 shelf we keep all of Ellie's puzzles, games, blocks and pretty much anything else she can play with while we do school work. Now onto our big shelf.....I have our ipod dock/ cd player on top where we listen to our Bible verses and Latin cd. In the white boxes on top I have stickers, card games, flash cards, the boys art projects and my laminating pouces. The next row down has our binders that hold the previous years work and our curriculum for this year. The magazine holders are from Ikea and we have card stock, construction paper, coloring books, sticker books and last years curriculum. All of our notebooks and lined paper are in the red basket, and I use the two black baskets to separate the boys workbooks every morning. We tried the workbox thing and it didn't work for us but I still put post its with the page numbers on the books they can do independently. When I work with Zeke I tell Barak to pick a book out of the basket and he can work on it and vice versa. It has worked really well so far and it's just one basket I have to mess with. 

One thing we have always struggled with is having too many pens, pencils, crayons and markers ALL OVER the table and not having any room to work. So when I saw this idea to color code the kids I knew I had to do it too. Of course they are already color coded in everything else except for their school supplies so it was so easy to pick colors. Barak is orange, Zeke is blue and Ellie is pink or purple. My awesome laminator is on this table, our pencil sharpener and a box to keep library books in. Under the table is Ellie's blocks, her ride on toy and a box to keep library books that are ready to go back. 

Last but not least is my desk/sewing table. I rarely sit here while we do school work but I do my lesson planning here and of course I sew here.  I'm sure you will all be shocked to learn this but my sewing table is from Ikea. After looking through all of these other school rooms I'm thinking that homeschoolers are single-handedly  keeping Ikea in business. : ) I live an hour and a half away and it's a good thing or we would be BROKE! Anyway that is our school room and I am so excited to get started on Monday!!


  1. We have moved school rooms within our own home, too. It looks like a great location now and I love the desks and shelves. We use a storage armoire, too and it works really well for us. Have a great year! Just stopping by from the Hop!

    1. I don't know why I didn't get an armoire sooner. It has already been so much easier to keep all of the little things out of Ellie's hands. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great year also!

  2. Our school room is behind our couch too! We just moved houses and had nowhere to put everything..and this has been working out perfectly :) Happy school year!

    1. Happy school year to you too! Thanks for stopping by!