Monday, July 22, 2013

My baby turns 3, a tea party and a great review

Last Tuesday my beautiful baby girl, Ellie, turned 3. We spent the week planning her tea party so we didn't have a fancy party on her actual birthday. She did say that she wanted donuts instead of cake and she wanted to blow out candles so we bought Dunkin Donuts and made a donut cake.

Mammaw and Pappaw bought Ellie a Monster's Inc. bike and she loves it!!

It was such a fun night but after the small break it was right back to planning for her tea party. Everyone was getting over colds and not feeling great but we still got everything together. For our tea party food we had cream puffs with dark chocolate sauce, meringue cookies, heart shaped sugar cubes, cream cheese mints, mini cherry pies, cupcakes with whipped cream cheese icing and Pillsburry Chessman cookies (They are Ellie and Barak's favorite cookies) and daddy bought blueberry and raspberry lemonade to put in the tea pot. I made Ellie one of my favorite dresses ever, the Tulip Sleeve Dress by FooFoo Threads Childrens Patterns (It hasn't been released yet but it will be VERY soon.) using some amazing tea party fabric. She looked like an angel and it was the perfect dress for a tea party.

Ellie and my grandma, Meme.

We had such a great day visiting with friends and famly. Ellie had so much fun!!!

Now for the great review part. My business, BEEkeeper's Boutique is the weekly featured critique over at The Crafter's Critique facebook page. I love the outfit that I sent her and I really love the review, it's a great feeling to know that someone appreciates the time and love I put into the things I am creating. Here is the review and some photos of the custom outfit I sent to her.

Now that all of the the kid's birthdays are over it's time for me to really start planning our homeschool year and getting some things sewn for the craft fairs I am hoping to enter this fall. Anyone else already planning for fall?

Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July

We had the best time yesterday!! My kids played  their little hearts out. It was so nice to have friends over and to watch all of the kids enjoy the day. Here is our day in pictures. Unfortunately I don't have pictures of myself sewing Ellie's outfit until the very last second. :) Don't let these pictures fool you. There was very little eating going on by the kids. 

 Football and basketball.........of course.
 Getting ready for the at home fireworks show. So much more fun that driving downtown and sitting in traffic.

 Now for the not so fun part. Cleaning up our mess this morning! Ellie had to wear her outfit again for a little photo shoot for my shop, BEEkeeper's Boutique. Sorry for the shameless plug! :)

I can't believe that the weekend is really just starting!! Now we are all anxiously awaiting Despicable Me 2 tomorrow and hopefully we will be able to sneak the boys away to see the Lone Ranger sometime this week. I love summer!!!!
Did everyone else enjoy Independence Day??

*patterns: Harper's Pillowcase Top by  Create Kids Couture and Lily Ruffler Capris/Pants by brownie goose

Monday, June 17, 2013

The Abby Seersucker One Piece Swimsuit Review

For those of you who don't know I just recently started BEEkeeper's Boutique on Facebook. My shop is named for my 3 amazing kiddos, Barak, Ezekiel, and Ellie. I started sewing a few years ago after I had tried every other kind of craft there is. Beading, scrapbooking, knitting, and cake decorating just to name a few. Finally, I had my daughter and I wanted to sew her these cute boutique outfits so badly so onto Pinterest I went and I taught myself to sew. Sewing is the first thing I have ever done that I haven't got tired of, as a matter of fact I love sewing more and more everyday. Well, enough about me let's move on to the star of thew show....... this amazingly cute swimsuit.

When I was picked to do the review for the Abby Seersucker One Piece Swimsuit  by Haute Diggity I squealed with excitement...literally. I squealed out loud and scared my children half to death. Anywho, I was super excited but I was afraid at the same time. I was worried about the seersucker and to be honest I have tons of swimsuit fabric and that darn leg hole elastic gets me everytime. It's always so wrinkly and hard to fold and so I had just decided that sweet Ellie was destined for a life of store bought swimsuits. But I decided to go for it, I was going to make this swimsuit even if the elastic killed me. :)
 My first step was picking my fabric, and I knew right away I was going to try making this with Tutti Fruiti from Joann's.I have tons of this stuff in so many cute prints. I honestly think it was made for this particular pattern. I mean can you get much cuter than an octopus and polka dot swimsuit. I think not!  There have been so many people asking about using it in place of the seersucker and I would give it 2 thumbs up. It worked awesome and is super light weight so it dries very quickly. There is a lining in this suit and I just used a really cheap pink broadcloth that matches the polka dot.
 Now for the fun part, the swimming in it. Well, it's just over 70 degrees here so it didn't happen. I know, I'm bummed too. I kept waiting to take the pictures because I just knew it was going to warm up.....well I was wrong. It just keeps getting cooler and cooler here. So I did what any other great parent would do, I sent her outside in it anyway. Lol.
 She loved it! I mean it, the wind was blowing and after the pictures I kept asking her to come in and change her clothes and she down right refused. After we played outside we ran to Chick Fil A to get drinks and she wore it there too.
 Once it warmed up a little the kids all begged to get in the sprinkler so I decided this would be a good test for the suit. I know I am a horrible mother for letting my children freeze for the sake of a pattern test but it made us all happy even if it was only for a few minutes. This suit is perfect for running through the sprinkler and playing water games. Ellie would run through and get soaked and be dry minutes later. I've heard people wondering if the seersucker would chafe and I can say that even after running around in the sprinkler and all around the yard for hours today that it didn't rub or chafe her skin at all.
So the last thing I want to comment on is the fit. This swimsuit fits perfectly, not too tight but not falling off even when it's wet. I hate that traditional bathing suits are always sagging or riding up and this one was just beautiful through all the things we threw at it. I really can't say enough good things about this pattern. The pictures, the tutorial, the pattern pieces and the design are all beautiful. If you don't own it, you should. I'm so excited to make her more!!
 Here are a few more shots just because she looks so cute in this suit.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My first attempt at making a pattern

I can't get my pictures to upload to Facebook for some reason so I decided to post them here for some feedback. Here is the dress I wanted a pattern for. I looked everywhere and couldn't find one like it so I decided to make my own.

Here is the site you can buy the dress from but now I can't find it's exact location.

Here is what I have made so far. Keep in mind that this is  made out of an old sheet, it hasn't been hemmed, topstiched,there are no buttons or ruffles, and none of the seems are finished.

I think when I pick the actual fabric I am going to make it out of I will make the skirt a bit wider. The picture didn't look like it had many gathers so I made it small at the top and flared it outtoward the bottom but I think I like a regular square of fabric really gathered because Ellie loves to twirl. :) 

Hopefully I'll have a real dress done by the end of the week. 

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Flare Leg Capris

This might just be my favorite thing I have made Ellie! These were supposed to be flare leg pants but somehow they were too short and I'm so glad because they look so cute as capris! :)

I made them out of flannel and they are so soft and cute! She spilled tea all over them yesterday and when I got them out of the washer today they looked brand new! I plan on making her tons of these as capris and pants! I just love them!!!

Here is the pattern I used:

Friday, March 29, 2013

The Allison Top

Ellie looks so beautiful in black but you can't find many cute girls tops in all black so I decided this would be the perfect top for it. This was an amazing pattern to make, as usual. I love her patterns!!

This can also be made into a dress. Here is the pattern: Foo Foo Threads Allison Top/Dress

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Buzz Lightyear Dress

This is one of Ellie's favorite dresses! She loves Toy Story and begged and begged for a Buzz Lightyear dress to wear to Disney World. When Foo Foo Threads Pattern Shop asked me to test the Juliette pattern I knew it would be the perfect pattern for what I wanted to do.  
 When I first started cutting the fabric out I made a really cool applique just like Buzz's suit but it was just too much. Plus I wanted her to be able to wear this dress once she was over Buzz.
 Now that she has her Buzz Lightyear dress for Disney World, I have to get started on all the princess dresses she wants to wear when she eats breakfast with them. She's pretty excited, but not as excited as I am!!! :)
This is also my audition for a sewing competition called "The Sew Off" on Nap Time Crafters. This is the first time I've ever even considered trying out for a competition so we'll see how it goes.