Saturday, March 30, 2013

Flare Leg Capris

This might just be my favorite thing I have made Ellie! These were supposed to be flare leg pants but somehow they were too short and I'm so glad because they look so cute as capris! :)

I made them out of flannel and they are so soft and cute! She spilled tea all over them yesterday and when I got them out of the washer today they looked brand new! I plan on making her tons of these as capris and pants! I just love them!!!

Here is the pattern I used:

Friday, March 29, 2013

The Allison Top

Ellie looks so beautiful in black but you can't find many cute girls tops in all black so I decided this would be the perfect top for it. This was an amazing pattern to make, as usual. I love her patterns!!

This can also be made into a dress. Here is the pattern: Foo Foo Threads Allison Top/Dress

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Buzz Lightyear Dress

This is one of Ellie's favorite dresses! She loves Toy Story and begged and begged for a Buzz Lightyear dress to wear to Disney World. When Foo Foo Threads Pattern Shop asked me to test the Juliette pattern I knew it would be the perfect pattern for what I wanted to do.  
 When I first started cutting the fabric out I made a really cool applique just like Buzz's suit but it was just too much. Plus I wanted her to be able to wear this dress once she was over Buzz.
 Now that she has her Buzz Lightyear dress for Disney World, I have to get started on all the princess dresses she wants to wear when she eats breakfast with them. She's pretty excited, but not as excited as I am!!! :)
This is also my audition for a sewing competition called "The Sew Off" on Nap Time Crafters. This is the first time I've ever even considered trying out for a competition so we'll see how it goes. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sewing projects

Since I never actually post anything on here I have decided to start using this blog to post pictures of my sewing creations. I am hoping to post a few recipes, homeschooling stuff and pictures of the kids too but I am going to add all of the things I have pictures of that I have sewn so far. This post is going to be super pictures heavy so be prepared! :)

Ruby Sue Round Neck dress by Foo Foo Threads Patterns

Ruffle jeans and peasant top. I did not use a pattern for these.
Ellie's Illinois  shirt. Sis Boom Emily Tunic Pattern

I made Ellie and Cheleya matching dresses. 

Ruffled newborn cocoon and hat by Tie Dye Diva Patterns

Peasant top and minky dot ruffle pants. No pattern.

Circle skirt using the Made tutorial

Peasant dress for Cheleya before she was born. 

Back of Cindy Lou dress with faux shirring by Foo Foo Threads patterns

Cindy Lou dress

Maggie's First Crush by Foo Foo Threads Patterns

Maggie's First Crush

Ellie had to have a Buzz Lightyear dress. Juliette Dress by Foo Foo Threads Patterns

Back of Juliette Dress

Hooded vest. No pattern.

Josephine Dress by Foo Foo Threads Patterns. 

Shirred back of the Joesphine dress

Francine top in Christmas fabric by Foo Foo Threads Patterns

Back of Francine top

Francine top

Jake and the Neverland Pirates vest. No Pattern.

Lalaloopsy dress for a friend using the Francine bodice from Foo Foo threads and my own skirt.
Lalaloopsy dress. I made the applique.

Coordinating peasant dresses for a friend's girls. No pattern.

Elena's Twirly Peasant Dress by Create Kids Couture

Thanksgiving pants and applique. No pattern.

Ellie's halloween costume. Jacket is the Kaleidscope jacket by Lily Giggle

Hooded vest by  boutique-it patterns

Harem pants by Whimsy Couture patterns

As you can tell I love, love, love Foo Foo Threads Patterns! I like a lot of pattern makers but Foo Foo Threads are the best! Just wanted to spread the love and make sure everyone knows about her awesome patterns and that they are always buy 2 get 1 free. You can't beat that! From now on I will be posting everything I sew when I get it done so no more 5 million picture posts.