Friday, July 5, 2013

4th of July

We had the best time yesterday!! My kids played  their little hearts out. It was so nice to have friends over and to watch all of the kids enjoy the day. Here is our day in pictures. Unfortunately I don't have pictures of myself sewing Ellie's outfit until the very last second. :) Don't let these pictures fool you. There was very little eating going on by the kids. 

 Football and basketball.........of course.
 Getting ready for the at home fireworks show. So much more fun that driving downtown and sitting in traffic.

 Now for the not so fun part. Cleaning up our mess this morning! Ellie had to wear her outfit again for a little photo shoot for my shop, BEEkeeper's Boutique. Sorry for the shameless plug! :)

I can't believe that the weekend is really just starting!! Now we are all anxiously awaiting Despicable Me 2 tomorrow and hopefully we will be able to sneak the boys away to see the Lone Ranger sometime this week. I love summer!!!!
Did everyone else enjoy Independence Day??

*patterns: Harper's Pillowcase Top by  Create Kids Couture and Lily Ruffler Capris/Pants by brownie goose

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