Monday, July 22, 2013

My baby turns 3, a tea party and a great review

Last Tuesday my beautiful baby girl, Ellie, turned 3. We spent the week planning her tea party so we didn't have a fancy party on her actual birthday. She did say that she wanted donuts instead of cake and she wanted to blow out candles so we bought Dunkin Donuts and made a donut cake.

Mammaw and Pappaw bought Ellie a Monster's Inc. bike and she loves it!!

It was such a fun night but after the small break it was right back to planning for her tea party. Everyone was getting over colds and not feeling great but we still got everything together. For our tea party food we had cream puffs with dark chocolate sauce, meringue cookies, heart shaped sugar cubes, cream cheese mints, mini cherry pies, cupcakes with whipped cream cheese icing and Pillsburry Chessman cookies (They are Ellie and Barak's favorite cookies) and daddy bought blueberry and raspberry lemonade to put in the tea pot. I made Ellie one of my favorite dresses ever, the Tulip Sleeve Dress by FooFoo Threads Childrens Patterns (It hasn't been released yet but it will be VERY soon.) using some amazing tea party fabric. She looked like an angel and it was the perfect dress for a tea party.

Ellie and my grandma, Meme.

We had such a great day visiting with friends and famly. Ellie had so much fun!!!

Now for the great review part. My business, BEEkeeper's Boutique is the weekly featured critique over at The Crafter's Critique facebook page. I love the outfit that I sent her and I really love the review, it's a great feeling to know that someone appreciates the time and love I put into the things I am creating. Here is the review and some photos of the custom outfit I sent to her.

Now that all of the the kid's birthdays are over it's time for me to really start planning our homeschool year and getting some things sewn for the craft fairs I am hoping to enter this fall. Anyone else already planning for fall?

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